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In light of positive testimonies shared with me by various readers, I’ve decided to launch a Testimonial Page. I’m kicking it off with a few testimonials, and want to invite you to leave your own here too!

If you’ve been positively blessed and/or impacted by Living Shalom, please leave a testimony by writing a “Comment” on this page. Thanks for sharing!!


I first met Lisa upon hiring her to help my mother (who lost most of her short-term memory from brain surgery, and also gained significant weight as a result of steroid use related to surgery). Lisa has done a great job for my parents over the last 2 years, fulfilling a variety of responsibilities, including meal preparation – in accordance with dietary recommendations provided by various health professionals my mother has seen. In getting to know Lisa during her tenure with my parents, I have found her to be a very intelligent, kind person full of helpful information on complete “well being.”

Lisa also introduced my parents and myself to a health professional educated in nutrition who shared with my mother about a Biblically-based diet. Following this meeting, Lisa shared one of his cookbooks with me which I found fascinating. Along with very healthy recipes, there is information on why we should and should not eat certain foods – going all the way back to the beginning of creation and God’s instructions on food. It all coincided with what I have been learning. As a result, my family now eats less meat and more nuts and grains. Although most fish is great for us, after reading this cookbook, we learned which fish to avoid, and have completely cut out pork as well.

Lisa also introduced us to Nature’s Pearl, a muscadine grape seed supplement company, for which she is a distributor. This opened up a huge door for me. My mother tried the extract, and the result was that it helped my mother have less aches and pains. This was a huge improvement! By attending a lecture with Lisa given by Nature’s Pearl, I learned about the value of muscadine grapes (which Dr. Oz stated on Oprah not too long ago). These grapes provide large doses of antioxidants to replace those we lose as we age over 40. It’s actually the seeds and skins that have the highest benefit, so they are ground up and placed in pills made by Nature’s Pearl. The other information I found especially significant at the event was that many of our over-the-counter products like toothpaste and shampoo contain cancer-causing ingredients. These products with carcinogenic ingredients can be sold because they are not reviewed by the FDA. This infuriated me and led me to a search for healthier products, now that I knew which ingredients to avoid.

Lisa and I often share what we have learned. She is a great listener and encourager. Her wellness education confirmed my decision to switch to mostly organic foods, as well as provided the information I needed to help me find the least expensive, most reliable sources. She also educated me about the value of eating raw fruits and vegetables (instead of cooking them) to obtain maximum benefit from vitamins and minerals in the food. As a result of implementing what I have learned from Lisa, my family of 5 has had our healthiest year ever. It’s the first year I have gone without even a sniffle. I have also lost weight that I wasn’t even trying to lose. This really surprised me since I had stopped buying “low fat” foods when I noticed the ingredients were not as good as their full-fat counterparts. Throughout all this, my priority has been to have a healthy family and avoid diseases. And, as an additional benefit, I have found the unaltered foods also keep me satisfied longer.

Finally, I just recently learned that Lisa began her research on a healthy lifestyle when she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I never would have known this from her energetic, cheerful nature! She would not accept this news from the doctors, and worked ever so hard to find ways to feel better. Now she wants to help others know they do not have to feel miserable the rest of their lives. There is hope and she is a wonderful example.


Mary Burr Edwards


Since Lisa started her blog, I look forward to reading every time she posts. What golden nugget will there be today? What new idea? It seems like there is always something that either inspires or informs me, but always uplifts me. Reading the blog gives me that mental and physical wellness feeling, like a massage at the spa or getting up from the yoga mat all stretched out and ready for the day.

Like Lisa, I’ve been up and down and all around with my personal health in the last 10 years. Health-wise, you name it, it has probably happened to me! Since being diagnosed with insulin resistance a couple of years ago, I have never been able to find a nutritionist who could really help me understand what would be the best way to eat for my own body type (since we are all so unique!) I tried doing a TON of research on my own, which gave me a great background – but still no definitive answers. After reading Lisa’s blog, being encouraged, and seeing how many great connections she has, I popped the question: Do you know of any nutritionists in the area? She recommended one, Tracy Owens of Triangle Nutrition Therapy. It was an instant hit! Tracy helped me “pound out” nutritional and health details in a way that is understandable and attainable. She has guided me in taking steps and making plans that lead to healthy actions that fit my life and my needs. Thanks so much, Lisa, for connecting me, encouraging me through your blog, and being so willing to share your knowledge and resources with others! 

– Rebecca


When I first became friends with Lisa, I couldn’t quite figure her out.  She seemed so genuine and honest, yet some of her thoughts on health and wellness were SO WEIRD!  I really enjoyed her company and vivid personality, but Lisa would often say things that sounded TOTALLY crazy.Since she had come through extensive, physical illness and pain, I chose not to challenge her opinions…after all, I’d never been in those kind of places. And thus it went, whenever Lisa would talk about health and wellness, I would listen and ponder her “ideas”. 

One day, I remember thinking, “Either Lisa is totally nuts, or I’ve been taken for a fool when it comes to health and wellness.” Her thoughts and opinions began to really challenge my beliefs about health, food, the body, what normal is, etc. I was uncomfortable. I was intrigued. That was over 6 years ago now.

Since those early days of friendship with Lisa, I live a much different lifestyle. I’ve changed the foods I eat, the liquids I drink, the time of day I eat my meals, the shampoo and conditioner I use, the bar soap I use, the products I put on my skin, my make up, my vitamins, my walk with God, my working environment, where I shop for groceries, where I go out to eat, my medical professionals, what I deem healthy…and the list goes on.

Why have I changed so much? Well, I found Lisa to be a teller of the truth. And, I found her “nutty thoughts” and “weird food” to be the real deal. I experienced the difference and that’s why I changed! Was it easy, NO WAY! But, it’s been worth it! And, whenever I’d get overwhelmed, I’d ask myself, “What CAN I do?” Change is hard, but taking the next step is doable! I feel better now than I ever have in my whole life!

Thanks, Lisa! I am SO thankful for you! I am SO grateful for your willingness to speak and live the truth! I am SO glad to call you FRIEND!

– Laura-Catherine


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  1. Lisa is a tenacious visionary ! She is such a breath of fresh air in the arena of sharing information in what can be disheartening in the business side of wellness. I am a holistic practitioner with a like minded vision of educating the public. I enjoy connecting clients with other practitioners that can help in ways that I cannot. But the ‘business’ side of some practitioners keeps them from referring out and Lisa’s blog fills that gap, providing much needed guidance and direction. She has helped me professionally by posting about her colonic with me and hosting a contest for my cookbook. When I see a post about somethinbg I am passionate about or have a nugget of insight to share, I am grateful for the chance and venue to do so. Her heart and willingness to serve will richly bless our lives as she continues to search and share her wisdom, knowledge and desire to connect folks to have their needs met. I have met wonderful people through Lisa’s blog that I other wise would not have been able to know and therefore help in their journey to wellness. I am looking forward to Lisa’s grand picture and plan for Living Shalom and excited to be a part of it. Thank you Lisa for what you have brought into my life and for giving me the opportunity to bring something into the lives of others.
    Denise Souza

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