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Find here a breakdown of my top recommendations and most of my posts all grouped by category. Rather than having to dig in the blog archives for old post topics, I’m giving you a quick list here (hyperlinking you to the appropriate posts on each topic).

Check out these amazing resources (categories listed in alphabetical order), and when you do, tell the folks whose products or services you buy, or events you attend, etc. that you heard about them on Living Shalom!

I. Alternative Health Practitioners (& Other Wellness-Promoting Services)

  • Colon Hydrotherapy – Denise Souza, Body Symmetry (read her Guest Post, post on “What is a Colonic?”, and read about my colonic – Part I and Part II – to learn a more step-by-step process of the colon hydrotherapy experience)
  • Chiropractor – Dr. Erik Askeland, Askeland Chiropractic (guest post by Dr. Erik entitled “Intro to Chiropractic”)
  • Dentist – see my post for a “Holistic Dentist” recommendation
  • Life Coaching – Cheryl Scanlan, Way of Life Coaching (see my “What is Coaching?” post if you are interested in the answer to that question)
  • Massage Therapy – Mary Seitz, Touch of Heaven (read about the specific massage methods that helped with fibromyalgia symptoms in this “On Massage”)
  • Naturopath – Dr. Rubin DeHaan, HCMI (referenced in my “Kidney Cleanse” post)
  • Professional Organizer – Barbara Hemphill (guest post about where you can eliminate stuff to help decrease stress)

II. Book Recommendations

A. Biographies & Autobiographies (“Saint Stories”):

B. Cookbooks:

C. Health:

D. Personal Development:

  • How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling – inspired by this book I wrote about “Thirteen Things” (blog posts Part I and Part II). Choose one area of improvement to focus on each week for 13 weeks, repeating this process over and over and, as a result, become a changed person
  • Jesus, Life Coach – read my “Planned Abandonment” post for a special challenge to consider what you would do if you only had 6 months to live

E. Spiritual Growth:

  • Prayer Partner Notebook & Daily Bible – see this post on tools for having a daily quiet time with God
  • Lifesigns: Intimacy, Fecundity, and Ecstasy in Christian Perspective – see post “Essence of Joy”
  • How to Win Over Depression – never be depressed again; see my post for more on why that is the case

III. Cleaning

IV. Clothes

V. Diets

  • Maker’s Diet – I reference what happened to me when I started the Maker’s Diet in this post
  • “Curbing Cravings” – read about an unexpected way to curb your cravings

VI. Education

VII. Farmer’s Markets

A. North Carolina:

B. Virginia:

VIII. Farms I Love

  • Vollmer Farm, Bunn, NC – Pick Your Own Berries (see my post on their strawberry picking here and my video about blackberry/blueberry picking and farm events here)
  • Tween Town Farms, Oxford, NC – where you can pick your own blueberries
  • Sunset Farms – Christian-based farm with a variety of products from poultry to produce (more on my post here)
  • More Farms can be found in the Annual Farm Tour – see post with appropriate links on those such events here

IX. Food

A. Co-Ops, Local Sources, & More (especially for folks in the Raleigh/Durham/Triangle area of North Carolina):

B. Informational:

X. Inspirational Posts

XI. Kitchen Stuff

XII. Magazine Articles

XIII. Miscellaneous

XIV. Music

A. General:

  • “Outdoor Symphony” – where you can hear music outdoors in Raleigh and a discussion about music and healing

B. Workout Music:

C. Worship Music:

XV. My Story

XVI. Pictorial Posts

XVII. Quotes

XVIII. Recipes

A. A sampling…

B. Treats:

IXX. Recreation

XX. Remedies

XXI. Restaurants

Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill

XXII. Saving Money

XXIII. Spiritual Disciplines

A . Celebration

B. Confession:

C. Fasting:

D. Guidance:

E. Meditation:

F. Prayer:

G. Service:

H. Simplicity:

I. Silence:

J. Solitude:

K. Study:


K. Worship (see Music section above)

XXIV. Spiritual Growth

  • Thriving Recovery – re-train your brain and gain freedom from addiction (see my post about my experience with the “Belonging” course here). Classes offered at Fellowship of Christ in Cary, NC.
  • Alpha Course – learn about the meaning of life and discover why you are here as well as investigating the claims of Christ. More about this free class at the YMCA on my blog post here.

XXV. Supplements

  • Nature’s Pearl Muscadine Grape Seed Products (see my posts about those here and here for info about these fantastic products or go straight to my online web store to purchase these fantastic products – this is one way you can support me!)
  • The Right Solution, my Favorite Superfood source (find out why and how to order at my blog post here)
  • Vitacost – the place to buy your supplements and even food oftentimes less than at Whole Foods (see post here where I used ingredients purchased there)
  • “Non-Dairy Probiotic” – read about the probiotic I love, where to buy, and why you need to be choosey about the probiotics you pick
  • Electrolyte Replenisher – see what electrolytes can do for you and what brand I like on my post here

XXVI. Time Management

  • Set Goals – read more in my post “Big Goal for the Week” in which I also link you to a tool called the Planner Pad  which you can use to help structure your weeks and days.
  • “Blank Paper” – read this post for the value of keeping a blank pad with you whether at home or on the go

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