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As a disclaimer, let me begin by stating the reasoning behind what I’m trying to do on this blog. First off, I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, therapist, life coach, pastor, lawyer, accountant, or pro-football player. Okay, so those last few may seem altogether irrelevant, but you get the idea. I don’t have some well-renowned certification that serves as a kind of reason for which you should listen to me. And while I’ve had a lot of personal experience trying various methods for improving my health and wellness, I’m not proposing that what I share is what you should do or that it’s always the right thing for everyone.

In my own healing journey I’ve been faced with many varied and unexpected paths and opportunities. The process often necessitated paradigm shifts and even regular re-evaluations about what would bring greater life, health, and wellness. I learned a lot, and questioned a lot – and still am doing both: learning and questioning.

This blog is, therefore, not a prescription, but an ongoing dialogue. A place to share ideas and resources. A place where you can come as one who is eager to both learn and question. It is not a place at which I expect all your problems to be solved (nor should you). But having said that, it nevertheless is my desire that the information, links, and resources I provide (in addition to sharing my own story), might be of benefit to you in your journey toward a life of greater shalom.

But beyond a mere disclaimer, I’m extending you an invitation. Let’s move from what this isn’t into the opportunities for which this blog avails us: the chance to journey together as we learn how to live shalom.

My own experiences facing severe and sometime incapacitating health challenges propelled me into consideration of this topic. What is true wellness? And what does it mean to live full and meaningful lives? And often I found the answers were not so black and white as I supposed, or perhaps even hoped. Nevertheless, I learned much along the way that proved transformational in the healing process.

So, will you accompany me on this journey in which I am still growing? Will you join with me to explore the possibilities of how we might find a life of greater shalom? What are you learning and discovering to be life-giving? Even those things about which I am yet unaware?

And while I plan to share from my journey in which I’ve experienced tremendous healing, I’d also love to hear about your journey. I look forward to growing with you as we walk the way together.

Shalom to you,


Beyond the Blog: If you ever want to share your story with me or hear more about mine (outside of this blog), I’d love to hear from you! You can email me directly at lisa@livingshalom.com to start the conversation…

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