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About Me, Lisa (Gautier) Valdez

Once upon a time, I was born into a broken world. By the age of 5, as the eldest of 3 girls, I saw my beloved father die from cancer – just 6 months after his diagnosis. Soon thereafter, I found myself in the the middle of a blended family with a new stepfather and two step siblings. The years following my mother’s remarriage brought emotional upheaval, depression, physical pain, and a deep longing for peace at many levels. Following the receipt of a business degree from UNC Chapel Hill, I entered the business world, seeking to make a successful corporate career a part of my adult life. Despite my participation in various well-renowned companies, I experienced intense health challenges during my corporate career – at times pushing me onto the sidelines, forcing me to face the wilderness of an unwanted healing journey. Unwilling to accept the fate (and symptoms) related to the doctor’s fibromyalgia diagnosis that came in 2004, I determined to find the Way to Life. In the years following, my search led me to resources and relationships that brought healing in a progressive (and often gradual) fashion. By the end of 2009, after experiencing much inward and outward healing, I found myself experiencing new levels of health and wellness, rejoicing at this summit of materialized hopes and dreams. Landing in this new country, I left the cruise ship of the corporate world to help others in their journey toward greater wellness. I currently serve as a Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach as well as a Personal & Executive Assistant to a local entrepreneur. I’m also a budding author (my work has appeared at iFlourish, a Christian health/wellness magazine). As one who has been given joy for mourning, I gratefully worship Jehovah-Rapha, my Healer, for making my desert bloom, and now endeavor to both live Life and share it with others.

About Shalom

Shalom is a Hebrew word with varying shades of meaning which include “peace”, “well-being”, and “wholeness.” The word implies that nothing is broken or missing. In Biblical times, a common greeting went something like this: “How is your shalom?” The greeting is reminiscent of the question “Are you well?” – a question one might pose in English utilizing Western terminology.

Shalom is also rendered analogous to the Indian word “Namaste” – a term now readily recognizable in the Western world due to the widespread popularity of yoga.

The broad sense of well-being encompassed by the term “shalom” stirs us to consider the vast and complex aspects of wellness. What is wellness? What considerations are involved in deciphering and implementing true wellness? The word “shalom” thus acts as a kind of diamond for wellness – affording us the liberty to consider the various aspects that might be a part of experiencing this level of well-being. It challenges us to consider that wellness may perhaps be deeper than we once first thought or seemed, provoking us to examine the facets of that diamond from a variety of perspectives and angles.

Living Shalom attempts to sharpen the lens of our proverbial magnifying glass as we investigate together these facets which provide glimpses into what it means to truly experience a life of health, wellness, and peace. It exists for the purpose of sharing knowledge, resources, and experience related to health and wellness. Blog author, Lisa Gautier Valdez, has a passion to share Truth in wellness – whether through personal stories, tips, tools of the trade, or recommendations for top notch services, professionals, or products – all with the aim of equipping you to live out wellness in a practical, simple, meaningful (and hopefully fun!) way.

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  1. I felt like I was drinking from the font of living waters as I read this.

  2. You have always been in our heart! Wayne and Joy

  3. Pastor Mike said:

    Love what you are doing. Praying for the Lord’s richest blessing and anointing on you and this ministry. Pastor Mike

  4. Enormously enjoyed this article :), keep up the great authorship and I’ll keep reading.
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