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Relieve Sore Muscles with Magnesium Oil Spray

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray

This post is a quick one…to tell you that you can use magnesium oil spray to relieve severe muscle pain.

I had a BUNCH of horrible muscle pain when I was pregnant (it felt like when I had fibromyalgia). It was that kind of constant searing pain. Even the massage therapist working on me said it didn’t feel like my muscles were as tight as the pain to me indicated. My muscles, thus, were in a hyper-sensitive state (as when I had fibromyalgia, at times even a very light touch hurt).

Enter magnesium spray.

You may have heard of and/or used Calm Magnesium powder. I have used it, and still have some in my cabinet. However, it can be a bit tricky as it can get your bowels moving a bit much, or just cause a bunch of gas if it doesn’t turn into full on loose bowels.

Also, it’s important to note the concept that stress drains magnesium out of our bodies and that can cause muscle pains. So, taking magnesium helps restore that which has been lost due to stress.

What you need to know to get going with this is below.

You need this specific brand of magnesium spray: Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil spray. (Various websites carry this brand, I just gave you a hyperlink to one random place.)

You put it on after showering. Works best if you mix the spray in your hand with some lotion as you apply. Otherwise, I found the spray caused uncomfortable itching / tingling (it mentions it on the bottle).

You want to put it around your whole body. The idea is that the skin – which is the largest organ in your body – takes the magnesium in (instead of you drinking it). I found it worked with MAJORLY reducing my body pain.

Directions on the bottle say to rub it off after a certain amount of time, but you don’t need to do that. Just use a carrier to put it on.

I tried different kinds of lotions but not all of them prevented the itching. The one that did work great, was Acure. I just got the fragrance-free version. Worked great.

Magnesium oil spray can also be used topically if you are having a cramp or other muscular issue needing address. For example, when I had charlie horse cramps in my leg during the middle of the night during pregnancy, the spray was a great option. The spray can be applied topically on specific areas in instances like this. (Again, I still recommend using a lotion as a carrier to avoid the weird itchy sensation.)

Give it a whirl! I wish I’d known about this when I had near constant fibromyalgia pain – I have a feeling it would have made a HUGE difference!

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