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Cyberscan: What It Is and Why You Need It

How CyberScan Works

How CyberScan Works

Today’s topic is one you want to read and not skip. If there are any of my posts I think you should 100% for sure read, it is this one. This is life changing for your health. Don’t click away…read on.

There is a new technology called Cyberscan, a biofeedback tool that can take a scientifically-based  “reading” from the placement of your hand on the machine (or of your saliva if you mail it in and don’t live local to a Cyberscan practitioner). Within seconds you end up with a computer generated report – if you are like me, 30 pages – which lists areas of sickness and potential weakness. Think of it as genetic testing. It reveals past, current, and potential (if not addressed to prevent) health problems.

How CyberScan Works


I have done similar biofeedback testing, such as the Zyto scan and Biomeridian testing (the latter of which proved incredibly useful in addressing and resolving some health issues for me, such as thyroid and gut problems). But this Cyberscan technology out of Germany is the most cutting edge now of all those tools, as it is the most accurate. You want to do this.

As I understand it, within approximately 6 sessions, health issues can be resolved. Even those persistent chronic ones you’ve lived with for years. (Read these testimonials to see how using Cyberscan changed these people’s lives and – as some of them note – it’s often within 6 sessions.)

Here are some personal stories to get you started, and help you understand why I believe in this so much.

(1) Me – I had the scan done and marveled at what it showed.

She could see a history of iron problems in my family. I told her my grandmother has struggled with anemia, as have I in the past. My sister also has to get B12 shots. The reason we have these iron issues is because of an adapted / hyper iron chromosome in our genetic line. We just have a funky iron chromosome! I never knew the reason we had this family problem until Cyberscan revealed why!

She could also see a history of BPA intake, but tell generally when I had switched to non-BPA water. She could also tell generally how long I’d been eating healthy.

She identified gluten and dairy allergies (I already knew I had gluten intolerance through using the elimination diet method). She also confirmed an allergy to dust mites and to an outdoor pollen of sorts. This explains to me why I have had to so often blow my nose! I thought it was a poor immune system, but it was allergens! We’ve been addressing these and already I’ve seen improvement with the need for less tissue and even a calmer gut (likely due to the decrease of irritating foods).

Additionally, she identified the root behind three of my most distressing chronic problems: anxiety, painful periods (requiring narcotic to manage), and poor peristalsis (I was diagnosed years ago with constipation-dominant IBS). All 3 of these issues were crippling and, at times, even made working full time incredibly difficult. I’d be doubled over in pain at the bathroom at work from the IBS or the period pain. The anxiety seemed to make the gut issue even worse. Well, it turns out all these mostly separate-seeming issues had ONE ROOT: too much fake / false estrogens in my body!

This we have been addressing through the biofeedback treatment (she generates this using the machine and customizes for you), and through the supplement Calcium D-Glucarate.

You should know that over a year ago, I tried to come off the Effexor (generic: venaflaxine) anxiety medicine I started three years ago. The attempted wean was a disaster. I slowly tapered my medicine down 25% at a time, but with each drop the withdrawal symptoms got worse. I looked online and discovered I was not the only one with this fearful withdrawal experience. I say fearful because at one point I felt I was very close to causing bodily harm. That thing was a drug, and the withdrawal no joke. Feeling confident I could have grabbed a knife to kill was enough to make me shudder, and to make me get back on the full med dose right away.

I’m happy to report that as a result of the Cyberscan and related treatments, I have completely weaned off my medicine as of today at this writing. And I had no more than 20% withdrawal symptoms this time, compared to my first attempt. I did it! And with MUCH greater ease than my last attempt. I’m off and I am doing well! We have been working to fix the estrogen issue behind it, and I’m feeling “like myself” but without the drugs!

I’m also happy to report that I have had great energy while adjusting to life with the new baby. I think that’s pretty impressive as well. Also, my bowels are moving much more normally, more than I ever recall in my whole life. I am thrilled to feel that my IBS has completely been resolved! This is truly exciting.

I’m still breast-feeding and don’t have my regular cycle back yet, so I can’t report on the periods. But given what I’m saying about everything else, I am excited that may be fixed too.

(2) Babies –

This test can reveal whether children have genetics that make them predisposed to problems provoked by vaccines, and thus whether they will have health problems from them. While the doctor doing Cyberscan said that many children can do vaccines just fine, there are some that do not. I have heard of / seen situations where children were negatively affected by vaccinations. Cyberscan and the resulting treatments can help reverse vaccination damage!

(3) Other –

I’m not going to name names here, but I know already several folks who have been getting this testing done and the stories I am hearing / seeing are remarkable. One family member was dealing with memory issues and now finds those much improved even after just ONE first session and the related protocols!

My baby is starting to get inconsolably fussy, so I’ll have to run for now. But let me leave you with the Green Health Wellness website for the doctor who can do this for you. If you live local, you can go in person. If not, you can contact them and they can give you a slide on which to deposit your saliva. You can then mail it in and do the consult over the phone or via video conference. You can set up your profile and sign up for appointments (initial and follow-up) directly on the website. You are welcome to tell Dr. Jennifer Gunst that I sent you!

That’s all for now but contact me or comment below if you have further questions!

Below is a screenshot of the PDF from my practitioner, Dr. Jen, with more info on CyberScan.

What is CyberScan

What is CyberScan

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