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Me at Google

Me at Google

As many of you know, I now work at Google.

Having worked at large, well-known companies in the past (and having less than exciting experiences), I was a bit wary of joining another large conglomerate again. Especially, when I loved my job at the time – at an exciting tech start-up.

But Google kept pursuing me and finally gave me an offer my husband and I felt we could not refuse.

So, I accepted.

I have since been in shock with all the amazing benefits they offer! They are the most truly wellness-oriented company of which I have ever been a part, and I am truly beyond grateful for the chance to be a part of the team there.

So, as a quick summary of some of their jaw dropping wellness-focused benefits, here are just 5 amazing wellness-focused benefits of working at Google:

  1. Free food – (which I heard has been reported at one time to be 70% organic); they do offer many organic snacks and drinks, in addition to their option for as many as 3 full meals a day google-breakfast green-juice Google Lunch  img_8390
  2. On-site Doctors and Chiropractors (so helpful and time saving!!)
  3. On-site, subsidized massage therapists (and massage chairs!) massage-chair
  4. Google bikes to ride around campus, and bikes available to loan for commuting to and from work! google-bikes
  5. On-site fitness centers, physical therapy, and other wellness focused areas with related equipment (Remember my post on inversion tables from a while back?? They have them!)

inversion-tables danceplex

Of course, beyond this, the people have been amazing to work with, and the work interesting and exciting. I am truly thrilled to be a part of such an energetic, wellness-focused company full of such an amazing and diverse group of people! Quite a unique and special experience!

I have worked at places before where the company gave lip-service to wellness but really preferred the energy of the employee go only toward the company and not really toward self-care (especially in the workplace). So, it’s neat to finally be in a place where the top down approach is truly to be well and where employees are well cared for! You can see it in the happy faces of the workers at Google.

I like being in a wellness-centered workplace. 🙂

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