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Natural Birth Control & Conception Methods

Did you know you can implement birth control without any hormonal pills? Alternatively, did you know that you can figure out (on your own) when you are fertile and thus able to conceive?

I, for one, prefer to avoid medicines whenever possible. And, in particular, am not comfortable with many birth control methods for a variety of reasons. But now that I have been using an app to track my cycle, I have – through additional reading and personal education – learned that if you know how your cycle works you can know when you ovulate and thus know when to try to get pregnant (if you are trying) or when to avoid sex (or otherwise use a barrier method at the appropriate time) if you do not want to become pregnant. No drugs required!

Why didn’t anyone teach us this a long time ago?!?!

Could it be because pharmaceutical companies would rather have your money than tell you how to accomplish the same goals without their drugs?

It’s pretty exciting stuff, actually, the concept of tracking your cycle. You learn so much more about how the female body works! And using a free app, like Kindara, makes it both fun and simple!

Trying to get pregnant? Wanting to avoid pregnancy? Either way, this app is for you!

Read more about this concept and how it works in this insightful article here. As the article explains, this app is like the FitBit for your period!

Any apps you like to use for fertility tracking?

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