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What is Better than Walmart?

Not long ago, I recall thinking to myself how I despise – no, I LOATHE – Walmart.

It’s an extremely stressful experience for me every time I set foot in that place (unless I’m with someone else who helps take the edge off merely by their distracting presence).

I hate Walmart.

Long lines – even at the self-checkout!

People everywhere…too many people for the space…all there at the same time. All the time!!!

Too much stuff bombarding you everywhere you turn…

The Returns line snaking around and hanging out like a long nasty tail, reminding you that $5 item you need to return might not be worth your time in line. And even when you come at an “off” time, the snaking line is still that long!!


I had just come to the conclusion that Walmart was a necessary evil. For what other option did I have for cheaply purchasing some of my necessary basics?

But then…shortly after I had come to that conclusion…

I discovered an alternative:

The Dollar Tree.

Everything's A Dollar

Everything’s A Dollar

“The Dollar Tree?!?” you may be asking with dripping skepticism.

Well, I would have thought the same. The dollar stores I had been to in North Carolina pretty much sold a bunch of junk, junk, junk as far as I could tell.

Regular trips to that kind of store seemed pointless.

I don’t know if it is because my eyes have been enlightened to now see the value of Dollar Tree, or because the Dollar Tree near me is better here in California, or because it is so ridiculously expensive to live out here that I got more creative on how to save money.

Who knows?

All I know is I’m saving money and reducing my stress by shopping there and not at Walmart anymore.

I found a viable solution to Walmart! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! NO MORE WALMART!!!

Think of it! For all your necessary, annoyingly required items that you probably are going to buy conventional anyway – like paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, ziploc baggies, greeting cards, eye make up remover, ice trays, stationery cards, gift bags, and more – just go to Dollar Tree!

I am so relieved to know I can still save money while severely limiting my trips to Walmart. I don’t think I’ve been to Walmart for a month now! Glory!

I was going to provide further detail on what you can get at the Dollar Tree but this blog post has an incredibly comprehensive list of the good deals there (and price comparisons with other retailers). This is better than even a list I could create!

Check out that list here and start saving money by shopping at the Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Deals

Dollar Tree Deals

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