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Healing of Ankle Injury

My Ankle Injury

My Ankle Injury

Some people wonder if God still heals today.

I’m living proof that He does.

He’s done it more than once, and in more than one way in my own life. Sometimes it’s been physically, sometimes emotionally, sometimes relationally. God has been so faithful to me. One day I hope all the God stories of my life can end up in a book to encourage people.

In the meantime, however, I have this blog to share God stories. 🙂

Stabbed by a Stilletto

As some of you know, I sustained an injury to my ankle in August of this year while I was out salsa dancing. The stiletto of a very large gal stabbed the left side of my left ankle with incredible force leaving me with a huge knot, bruise, and months of pain.

First, I realized I had to forgive those involved in the injury. I didn’t want unforgiveness or bitterness to block my healing! So, that was one step I took.

Also, I began to wrap the ankle after a few weeks passed and I realized the damage was more lasting than I thought.

The chiropractor I was seeing at the time recommended such, and as I did not have regular insurance, felt a trip to an orthopedic doctor was financially not an option. Thus I did not go. The chiro said to wrap for 6-8 weeks and avoid exercise (outside of normal daily living).

I wrapped and waited.

About 5 weeks in, it was feeling better and I started walking and biking again. But did too much too fast and the pain re-emerged with a vengeance. It was so significant, I ended up hobbling when walking short distances. Yowch.

Serious Sighing

I talked with my chiropractor again about what had happened. He said to count it as a re-injury and that I needed to re-wrap it for another 6-8 weeks.


Start again I did.

6 weeks or so in, I ended up on my feet for a very long weekend (while I was doing wardrobe makeover shopping with my personal stylist, Tessa Gore). While the shopping was fun, the pain that resulted was not. I had no idea we’d been doing all that shopping! (Um, yeah…you can see from the pic below we did a lot!)

Shopping with My Personal Stylist

Shopping with My Personal Stylist


Pain afresh. Double sigh.

I was getting pretty depressed by that point. I mean, you’re reading words from a girl that loves being active as much as possible and was formerly walking and biking to work.

I’d not been able to exercise for 3 months. Stink. Stank. Stunk.

Was this a re-injury?

Was I going to have to wrap my ankle for another 6-8 weeks?

I was perplexed and downcast.

I kept wrapping and talked to the chiro who felt I should go ahead and start working up on my exercise again.

The trouble was – it hurt. Badly.

And try as I may to get my ankle well even by adding exercise in, it radiated with pain.

I even got a massage on my legs and feet from my wonderful massage therapist, but alas the pain soared.

I was definitely depressed.

Now what?

Sadness over my Situation

While I was crying one day, a friend found me and inquired about my situation. I told them the journey related to this and how the pain was. They asked if there was anything they could do and inquired if I had gotten it x-rayed. I explained I had not because of finances / not having regular insurance.

Immediately the person offered to pay for me to go to the doctor. And they affirmed they would pay for whatever the doctor recommended?


I was so low at that moment and felt God reaching out to me in His good provision.

I obtained a referral to an orthopedic doctor and was there in less than 48 hours. Who, by the way, I learned upon some research was a specialist in sports injuries with a special interest in working with dancers. 🙂

Well, isn’t that just like God to pick him out from the rest as my doctor and confirm it to me prior the visit so I knew that was the person I was supposed to go see.

The orthopedic doc got x-rays and affirmed there was actually no structural damage (as was formerly expected). Without x-rays the conclusion had been that I’d possibly sustained a stress fracture or a bone bruise (and I was starting to think it was the latter as that supposedly takes a very long time to heal).

But I had no structural damage!

He told me that the hit had occurred in “no man’s land” – which was apparently a good thing. And stated that it was likely right on a big nerve. It was apparently nerve damage. He said that nerve damage just takes time to heal – could be 6 months, and the longest he’d ever heard was 2 years. But exercising on it wouldn’t necessarily make it worse, he explained. So I could exercise again? Dance, bike, walk?

Yep, said the doctor.

And he said some people just wake up one morning and “voila” they don’t have any more pain.

Well, I sure still had pain. And after that decided to pray “God, would you please let me wake up one morning and just not have any more pain?”

The same night of that doctor appointment, I went out dancing. I mean, if it wasn’t going to make the injury worse, who cared if it hurt while I danced?

I danced. It hurt. But I still danced.

The next night, I went dancing again. The pain was less but still there.

The third consecutive night I went dancing again – and had still less pain.

Monday morning it was essentially, well, gone.

I have felt a few minor aches since but at like 0.10% of what it was.

I’d asked God to heal my ankle where I’d wake up one morning and it would be fine. And I felt that is what happened.

God healed me – just 3 days after the orthopedic appointment.

Perhaps, in part the healing resolved then because God knew I’d really hit my limit on what I could handle in regards to inactivity.

Exercise is a fantastic anxiety reliever and endorphin producer and hope promoter – and I missed all those things about it.

God knew. God knows when we hit the bottom of the pit. When we can’t persevere anymore. When action is totally required on His part to make mountains move.

Do I believe God is living, active, providing and healing still today?


And the healing of my ankle is just one story….

Dancing Again! (shared with permission from photographer Joel Carlin)*

Dancing Again! (shared with permission from photographer Joel Carlin of Carlin Digital)*

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