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Time for Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching at Workplace Options

Wellness Coaching at Workplace Options

As some of you know, I just started a new job as a Wellness Coach with Workplace Options. The Raleigh-based company offers employee assistance to the employees of various companies. Think of big well-known corporations that want personal services – like wellness coaching – offered to their employees. Workplace Options provide these and other personal services to employees of other companies.

Given I’ve wanted to get into wellness coaching for several years now, I was totally stoked when this job was offered to me!

Upon starting training last week, I met my new team members and management who are all INCREDIBLE people. They are vibrant, fun, passionate, health loving, and good communicators who want to help people! As you might imagine, the energy sitting in a room with people like this is incredible wonderful, inspiring, and powerful. I am LOVING this new season of my life and eager to see what is next!

Here are a few things that have really grabbed me from the outset:

  1. A stretching room is available for Workplace Options employees complete with fitness equipment (including medicine balls and dynabands). Employees who use the room, get some sort of points for it!
  2. A gym is available for use to all employees – for FREE. It’s open 24/7.
  3. Personal training is available to employees a what comes out to a cost of $2.50 per training session. Who even heard of companies subsidizing this kind of wellness service – personal training – and to this degree?!?
  4. They offer little pedaling machines you can put under your desk and “cycle” on while you work. Wha?!? So cool.

Ready for what finally prompted me to write this post?

Exercise with the DynaBand at the Corporate Office

Exercise with the DynaBand at the Corporate Office

My new boss (also a personal trainer) brought dynabands in for the new wellness coaches and led us in a mini-workout in the corporate meeting room as a precursor to our coach training meeting.

Bicep curls with the DynaBand!

Bicep curls with the DynaBand!

She mentioned her plans to type a workout on a Word document for us to keep whenever we want to do a workout at our desk.

Yep. My new manager is pretty great.

What if more companies started incorporating this kind of thing?

Perhaps it might just attract the kind of energetic, happy, friendly people that I see populating this new place in which I find myself.

It’s a sharp contrast to some of my previous corporate world experiences which taxed my health in very negative ways.

I am feeling incredible grateful for a corporate job where my health and well-being will likely be promoted rather than compromised.

What kind of wellness protocol could you bring to your own work environment?

Whether it’s using a cycle machine under your desk, sitting on a medicine ball instead of in a desk chair, stretching for 5 minutes each hour, or taking a walk on your lunch break, I encourage you to find a way to incorporate wellness into your work this week!

One final note…one more benefit that is positively benefitting my well-being is the fact that my baby sister also works at the same company! As of the writing of this post, I’ve gotten to see her every day since starting the job. I love you, Lindsey, and am so excited to be working at the same place with you! 

My Baby Sis works with me!

My Baby Sis, Lindsey, works with me!

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  1. Mike Watson said:

    I think that’s great, Lisa! Preventative health care is much more effective that sick care. Congratulations! Mike

  2. So happy for you, my friend! Your new job sounds amazing! And, wow, cycling desks are a cool idea…my mom’s been after me to get a treadmill desk for my office…so much so that I actually wrote a blog post about it for the Christian Aid website!

    • Lisa Gautier said:

      Thanks friend for the congrats! And yes – I have heard about the treadmills for the office…would love to try that!

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