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Grow Your Own Lettuce

The cooler weather of North Carolina in the fall makes it a fantastic time for planting lettuce!

During a recent trip to the Durham Farmer’s Market, I found my local farmer friend, Helga, had lettuce plants for sale!

She shared that each of the small budding plants could be positioned three inches apart in the context of a planting pot, and grown at home!

Planting Lettuce Plants

Planting Lettuce Plants

Eager to try this out, the 8 plants have been sitting outside in the sun to grow. I’ve been delighted to see the progress, and last weekend (about 6 weeks later) I was delighted to discover the plants were robust and ready to harvest! As you can see from my picture below, the grown plants looked beautiful!

Harvesting Lettuce

Harvesting Lettuce

To harvest, just trim the leaves at the base. Helga said to start from the outside, so I harvested the outside, leaving the middle, hopeful that they might grow more again…which apparently, per Helga, doesn’t happen if you harvest the whole plant at the same time.

As for the freshly harvested lettuce, it provided a delicious salad to share with friends over a Sunday lunch!

The next idea for lettuce that I’d love to try is to start plants from seed…

Have you ever grown your own lettuce? If not yet, how about trying it out this fall?

Loving Lettuce

Loving Lettuce

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. Did you have to water your plants? What type of soil did you plant them in?

    I have had various levels of success with growing lettuce. But you have inspired me to try again!

    • Lisa Gautier said:

      They definitely got watered! I used leftover garden soil from the community garden I’m a part of. But you can also by good planting soil at garden supply places, or even Walmart!

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