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Give Yourself Space in Times of Transition

Per my post last week, I recently began a new job as a Wellness Coach. This is in addition to other work I’m still doing! Needless to say, life has been a bit fast-paced these last two and a half weeks! I already had a part-time job, and now I have a full-time one too!

Trying to figure out my schedule, and making the transition into this new season, resulted in the delayed release of today’s blog post…which bothered me. Yep, I was pretty frustrated by not meeting my typical goal of an 8:00 am blog post release.

Beyond today’s delayed post, there have been other things impacted by this new job change – trying to figure out when to eat, wondering how I’ll do something as simple as get to the grocery store, impact to relationships such as not being able to grab coffee or lunch with various friends, trying to get enough sleep…the list goes one.

In short, as a newly appointed Wellness Coach, I am personally trying to figure out the balance in my own life in this time of transition!

But I’m encouraged by something I believe may encourage you, too, especially if you are in a busy or stressful or new season and/or struggling to achieve all your goals (including the health goals!) your heart desires.

In job training with my team consisting of wellness coaches, we’ve been role playing together. One thing that stood out to me from that time is, despite their similar love for health and wellness, they have been struggling too with achievement of their normal schedule / health goals, etc.

In other words, this struggle is normal.

It’s normal to be in a stage of figuring things out while you try to figure things out!

It’s normal for even wellness-loving people to see a dip in some of their standard healthy lifestyle patterns (such as not-so-great changes in diet, exercise, sleep, meditation time, etc.)

I am encouraged to know that others who want to be well also struggle in a time of transition, in a time of change. That they are having challenges just like me! And somehow just knowing that that helps lower my internal stress quotient.

Are you undergoing a life adjustment? Stress? Change in relationships or circumstances? Adapting to a new job or new housing?

Then take heart!

And give yourself some space by just remembering that life being off-kilter a little bit during the transition is actually quite NORMAL.

And, when you are ready, review the areas where you want to see change, consider possible solutions to your current challenges, and set some doable (even if small!) goals for yourself to help move you forward in the areas where you are feeling off-kilter.

If you can’t get an hour workout at the gym in, how about going for a 10 minute walk during your lunch break?

If you can’t make dinner at home, how about stopping by a healthy restaurant for a bite rather than hitting the fast food joint?

If you can’t get to bed as early as you like, how about grabbing a nap right after work or even in your car over lunch?

Finding those small but workable solutions to keep your life in balance when things are feeling off-kilter might help.

So, too, give yourself permission to de-stress a little knowing that this kind of experience is actually quite normal.

As for me, I’m trying to just let the transition happen, give myself some grace when things fall through the cracks more than I’d like, and remember that things will level out again eventually and become more routine.

Let’s give ourselves some space today, shall we?

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  1. Congratulations on your new job. You’ve got some great ideas.

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