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Comparing Grocery Prices

Grocery Price Comparison Spreadsheet

Grocery Price Comparison Spreadsheet

As you have likely realized via the blog, I love both quality food and fantastic prices.

It can be hard to marry both.

But recently the idea to start a price comparison list was suggested, and I took the bait. I’ve got a pretty good gut sense for what is cheapest where as well as where the best quality can be found (despite, I might add, the additional cost it may sometimes require – which is often worth it in my mind). However, I decided to take the challenge and embark upon a price comparison project.

Brent Daigle of SyncForward, is currently helping me set things up for better SEO. (If you need help on this kind of thing, he is a wealth of information!)

He’s taught me about Google+ and various other Google services of which I was unaware. One of these services includes Google Drive. On Google Drive, you can create documents for reference and even update it while on the go (you don’t have to be on your computer!) This has been perfect for tracking prices at different locations.

I just created a spreadsheet on Google Drive (it works a lot like Excel) where I store the information. (This spreadsheet is pictured at the top of this post.)

To track prices, I can take pictures with my iPhone, and put the product prices from the pictures into the spreadsheet later. Or, I can even add the price into the Google Drive document at that moment if I want!

Pictorial Research at Lowes Foods

Pictorial Research at Lowes Foods

Additionally, both documents and photos can be shared with others via Google in the event you want others to be able to see the price comparisons you have going on (e.g. maybe you and your husband are both tracking grocery prices and both want access to the document).

I’ve included some pictures of grocery store items in this post the way they appear on Google+. (My photos autosave to Google+ so I can access them there without have to initiate a download!) I can then use the pictures to pull pricing information if I did not enter the prices into the spreadsheet at that time.

Pictures of Produce at Walmart

Pictures of Produce at Walmart

What ways have you found beneficial for comparing prices on healthy foods?

Oh, and p.s. if you are on Google+, please find me and add me to your circle! I’d love to connect with you there!

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  1. Denise Souza said:

    That is such a fantastic, practical tip Lisa! It sure beats my way of writing it down on paper, coming home and typing into excel….so labor intensive compared to your easy method!

  2. Mike Rundle said:

    The first step to saving money really is understanding what a “good price” is for any given item! Comparing prices on healthy (and non-healthy) foods helps our family to understand what we COULD be paying and to make intelligent decisions about where to purchase. Thanks for the practical tools and advice for making this easier!

  3. I love this post and I’ve definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Stephanie Clark said:

    Great info Lisa – I’m am DEFINITELY going to start using Google Drive. Just connected with you on G+ :-)

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