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Cheapest Carrots for Juicing

Do you like juicing? If you’ve seen my video on Juicing with Jack, you know I do!

But if you juice regularly, like me, you may be wondering how you can save money on this process. Especially if you juice carrots.

Carrots are one of the best things you can juice (see Norman Walker’s book on Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices).

Here are just a few of the benefits of carrot juice mentioned in Walker’s book (p.26 – 27):

  • helps your entire system
  • aids digestion
  • one pint per day “has more constructive body value than 25 pounds of calcium tablets”
  • a solvent for ulcers and cancer
  • preventative of infection

Walker also references how the carrot juice molecule is similar to that of the blood molecule (p. 33). I could see, then, why carrot juice is so beneficial.

I went to a live blood analyst years back who was able to assess individual health levels based on a view of drawn blood under a microscope. And I learned there that healthy blood indicates a healthy body. If drinking carrot juice can help me have healthier blood, and a healthier body, I’m all for it!

So, now that you’re ready to juice carrots, where ought you to buy them?

Organic is always better than pesticide-ridden foods, so be sure to choose non-sprayed ones.

The best price I’ve found for organic carrots in Raleigh is at Costco. 

Here’s how the price compares to Whole Foods:

5 lb. bag of carrots at Whole Foods

A 5 lb. bag of carrots at Whole Foods is $3.99.

25 lb. bag of carrots

A 25 lb. bag of carrots at Whole Foods is $18.99

10 lb. bag of carrots at Costco

A 10 lb. bag of carrots at Coscto is $6.59.

The summary:

  •  The 5 lb. bag of carrots at Whole Foods comes to a price of $0.80/lb.
  • The 25 lb. bag of carrots at Whole Foods comes to a price of $0.76/lb.
  • The 10 lb. bag of carrots at Costco comes to a price of $0.66/lb.
When you juice 20 lbs. per week, like me, the difference becomes more clear:
  • Using four 5 lb. bags of carrots at Whole Foods would cost $15.96/week
  • Using 20 lbs. of the 25 lb. bag of carrots (saving the other 5 lbs. for later) would cost $15.19/week
  • Using two 10 lb. bags of carrots from Cosctco would cost $13.18/week
Now you still might not think the cost is that much different, but let’s look at how it totals up over the year. Juicing 20 lbs. of carrots a week (which is about a pint, or 16 ounces, per day):
  • Using 5 lb. bags from Whole Foods, your cost would be $829.92/year
  • Using 25 lb. bags from Whole Foods, your cost would be $789.98/year
  • Using 10 lb. bags from Costco, your cost would be $685.36/year

Thus, buying carrots at Costco saves you at least $104.62 ($789.98 – $685.36) if you buy their 10 lb. bags instead of the 25 lb. ones from Whole Foods. Or, buying carrots at Costco could save you up to $144.56 (if you choose to do this rather than buy all your carrots in 5 lb. bags from Whole Foods).

The annual membership fee at Costco is currently $55.

My take? The Costco membership is worth it for just buying carrots alone. Plus, just think about the cheaper gas you’ll get at Costco as a member (an added perk of joining), and consider what other treasures you might find (like the glass storage containers I featured in my popular blog post entitled Going Glass.)

Will you get your juicing carrots at Coscto?

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  1. This is excellent, thanks! We’ve been juicing carrots for a while now and 25 lbs. at New Seasons is too much for us.

    Hoping the Portland-area Costcos sell 10 lb. bags of organic carrots — sounds like the right size and price for us. Thanks for writing this up and doing the math!

    • Lisa Gautier said:

      Thank you, Julia for stopping by!! If you haven’t already, you can sign up to receive posts into your inbox so to stay tuned of all new posts and ideas by subscribing on my home page. Would love to hear what goodies you find at the Portland Costco!!

    • Lisa Valdez said:

      Yay! I’m so glad that helped, Julia! Let me know if you find them in Portland!

  2. Thank you for this article, it is great! I live in Arizona and shop at Costco regularly but occasionally shop at my nearby Sprouts Farmers Market, their 25 lb Cal Organic bag of carrots cost $16.99 (as opposed to going to Whole Foods). But now, knowing the difference makes the trip to Costco worthwhile. Again, I appreciate this article.

    • Lisa Valdez said:

      Wonderful! Happy to hear it, Teri! Yes, I continue to find my Costco membership worth it, over and over…

  3. I just found a 25 pound bag of carrots for 7.99 at Safeway and am wondering the best way to store them so that they won’t go bad. I only wish to juice them, not to pickle or dehydrate them. I thought about putting them out on the deck in a plastic storage bin.. but I don’t want them to go bad if the lid is on tight. Any ideas?

    • Lisa Valdez said:

      Wow – that is cheap! If the carrots are organic, as these ones are at Costco that I wrote about, then you may have beaten my cheapest price! To preserve mine, I like to put them in the Green Bags in the fridge and then put that bag of them in the veggie drawer. I use the largest green bags which surprisingly hold quite a lot of carrots! More on Green bags can be found on my blog post here: http://www.livingshalom.com/2011/08/preserving-produce/

  4. How does the price per fl. oz compare to if I were to purchase a 52FL. oz bottle of bolthouse farms organic carrot juice, I just purchased a bottle at Sam’s club for I believe it was just under $4
    Im not too good at doing the math between the two, and would like to be able to see an overall cost estimate because I would like to purchace a juicer however if the cost isn’t there then it is not worth it for me.

  5. I just bought 50 lb organic carrots that were in 5 lb bags x 10 at Cash and Carry in Portland, the cost was $27.90 and you can buy single 5 lb bags for $2.79. I got about 1.5 quarts from 5 lb bag.

  6. Phil Green said:

    Anyone no where i can find 25lbs bags of carrots close to NYC? Thx

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