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Neutralizing Radiation

Scary Studies

Have you ever wondered how to neutralize radiation or other electromagnetic frequencies in the digitalized world around us? Or maybe I should back up…did you even know that electronic and wireless communication devices could be damaging your health, even potentially promoting fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and cancer?

When I worked in the corporate world, I felt EMF (Electromagnetic Field) drain from sitting at a cubicle in front of a computer all day, day after day. I would often go home feeling exhausted – even though I’d been sitting in the same place all day not exerting much in the way of physical energy!! It was strange.

Then I learned about EMFs and how computers have them, and how those electromagnetic frequencies come out from electronic devices, sabotaging the body! Not the most consoling awareness when you are someone who’s sitting in front of a computer all day (as I was), and that’s where you’re making your income. 🙁

So what is an EMF? Or, what are EMFs (plural)?

This quote from overview I found online provides a succinct definition: “EMF stands for Electromagnetic fields, which are often called EMFs, and invisible electrical and magnetic forces. EMFs are a type of radiation, that take the form of waves.”

If you start thinking about where EMFs can be coming from, and how they might be harming you and the ones you love it can get overwhelming. Computers, microwaves, cell phones, cell phone towers, televisions, flourescent lighting – the list goes on in regards to sources of EMFs that we are experiencing in our electronically-wired or non-wired (ie. Wi-Fi) world.

It can be tempting to get really depressed really fast.

Securing Shalom

But…I am here to say, “Never fear!”


1.) First we need not fear, because the Word of God commands us not to be afraid. Repeatedly, we see the words “do not fear” in Scripture. The reasons God’s Word gives for why we aren’t to fear? Because God is with us and because of His nature and character – because of His name. He is able to save us, deliver us, and protect us. And, may it be known, He also is for us, His children! If God is for us, then who (or what) can be against us?!?

So, here’s the deal:

We can talk to God about whatever we are facing (including our concerns about EMFs!) and ask for His help in any situation where we’re tempted to fear.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you.

Yes, sometimes it really can be that simple.

2.) Secondly, remember, as I heard anew this morning in Sunday School class, that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind! So, let’s apply our God-given mind to seek out some solutions to the situation!

Today I attended a health and wellness Sunday School Class at Crossroads Fellowship taught by nutritional coach, Barry Bragg, of Transformation Functional Fitness in Raleigh, NC. He actually was the one who shared about Scriptures relating to fear (and his thoughts prompted me to share what I am with you – even some of the Scriptural ideas came as a result of hearing him share in class.) Thank you, Barry, for pointing us to the ultimate source of Shalom, teaching us how to test for weaknesses caused by EMFs, while also providing some very practical ideas for neutralizing EMF impact.

Supporting Speculation

So, before I get into some solutions, I wanted to introduce you to a method you can use on your own to test for possible EMF impact – a way to move from mere speculation to more supportive evidence.

Barry showed the class how to use what is called the “O-Ring Test” by Dr. Omura. Here’s how he did the test on me.

Doing the O-Ring Test

While I held the tip of my thumb to the tip of my middle finger on my right (dominant) hand, he tried with one of his hands on each of my fingers to pry them apart. On the first attempt, I was not standing next to anything electronic (or wi-fi) and had also removed my metal jewelry to help avoid any interference with the test.

He then attempted to pull my middle finger and thumb apart while having me work against him to try to keep them together. My strength was evident in that my fingers stayed pretty much in place where they began in contact with one another.

Then, he had me point two fingers on the other hand toward the electrical outlets on the wall that were about 3 feet directly ahead.

While I pointed my index and middle finger on my left hand toward the electrical socket, he did the “o-ring test” again on my right hand – trying to pull my middle finger and thumb apart. In so doing, this time my fingers seemed to separate more easily, showing greater weakness as a result of the nearby electrical source (toward which I was pointing).

Pointing to Electrical Outlets on the Wall

Side note: For those of you to which this may be new, don’t freak out! This kind of concept of evaluating health based on muscular strength was very unusual to me at first. However, after experiencing things which are similar to the kind of testing Barry did today I realized how much more comfortable I was with the whole process. A lot of reading, asking questions, and meeting other people who were familiar with and even build health practices around this kind of idea has helped take off the unfamiliar and questionable edge.

Additionally, if you want to move a step beyond the o-ring test, you can get something called a Gaussmeter which you can use to test EMFs. As I understand it, this meter will give an alert when it nears something that is releasing electromagnetic frequencies. This is nothing short of fascinating to me. (Does anybody out there have one they could show me live sometime?)

Sharing Solutions

Now that you know more about the impact of EMFs from electronic devices on one’s health, you might be wondering what can you can do about it.

So, what are some possible solutions to this predicament?

Well, there are probably numerous ways to decrease EMF exposure.

First, we can withdraw from the device(s) causing it, if that’s possible. If you don’t have to be in front of a computer a lot, then don’t! Or, if you can get outside during the day away from those fluorescent lights, get out for some health-promoting sunshine!

Having said that, however, we unfortunately live in an increasingly electronically (and wireless) dependent culture. Sad, but that’s just the reality. And, as Barry mentioned today in class, we don’t need to all go hole up in the mountains somewhere to hide away from it all (though sometimes I sure wish I could!)

So, what can we do in the world in which we live?

How can I decrease my own EMF exposure as a business owner who needs the functionality my cell phone offers for the existence of my business, and who needs the computer and internet in order to keep blogging?

I would prefer not to have to use these tools (and save myself the exposure), but I started blogging because I want to help you find ways to greater life. And if it meant I used (gasp!) the internet and a computer with all its downfalls in order to reach you, I decided I was willing. That was a pretty big deal given I’m a gal who would prefer to avoid electronic communications. Call me old fashioned…or just health conscious…but that’s where I was.

But I continue to learn more about ways to find greater health despite and amidst this environment in which we live. And that’s kind of a fun challenge, isn’t it??? 🙂

So, now on to some SOLUTIONS – some ways to reduce EMF damage to your health.

Here are a few:

  • Harmony Farms apparently sells a disc by Miracle Balance that you can put into your cell phone to neutralize it’s harmful EMF effects. Using kirlian photography, you can see pictures here that reveal how a cell phone damages one’s energy field, and how using a balancer to neutralize it’s effect can restore the energy field (even while still having the cell phone). Pretty amazing visual – I highly recommend you check it out.
  • Q-Link – this company offers a pendant that can be worn around the neck and provides a kind of shield to environmental EMFs within a certain distance around your person (which, if I’m remembering correctly, offered an EMF shield for a radius of something like 7 feet from the person.) I noticed a difference in my energy levels post-workday when I began wearing it in my computer-laden job.
  • Premier Research Labs sells some products which can help neutralize the impact of EMFs in your environment. These are the products Barry showed us today:
  • Q-tape – an aluminum alloy tape that will polarize your cell phone. This might actually be cheaper than going the Miracle Balance route, as the price is currently $22.95 online and you will have a whole roll of tape you can put on all manner of things, whereas the Miracle Balance, as I understand it would just be a one use item (which, if memory serves me correctly, runs somewhere between $25 – $30). The item from Harmony Farms was what I planned on purchasing…until I got some tape today in class from Barry! Thank you, again, Barry! Just put a length of the Q-tape over your phone battery. Barry said it’s better to put inside the cover (versus outside), indicating it’s best to avoid excessive handling of this tape. (Anyone know why?)

My Bit of Q-Tape for My Cell Phone

  • HemaPro – it’s a type of iron that helps attract the negative effects of EMFs in a given area. You can actually bury these magnetized iron stones (recommendation is to lump them in groups of 21) and then bury them at opposing corners of the house. If you live near a cell phone tower, for example, this could be a great idea for you. Barry indicated this helps fairly well for the entire house.


  • Obsidian Pyramid – Barry explained how he put one of these in the middle of his office, and they found that all four walls of the office tested “strong” (by which I think he meant that there was no evidence of resulting muscle weakness). It seems this is a good solution for neutralizing EMFs within a given space.

Whew! I feel like I covered a lot of ground in this post! But I really wanted you to have this info!

Who else has some EMF-reducing solutions?

If you end up trying something I’ve mentioned above, please come back and leave a comment here about your experience!

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  1. kellydreams2011 said:

    Did you know that the Bible tells us not to fear 365 times? Once for each day of the year!

  2. Wow, Lisa! Thanks so much for that info!

  3. By the Word of His power He upholds all things! His power is the ultimate energy force. I rest in that even as I grow and learn through your informative blog posts. Thank you, Lisa for your detail and care with which you pass along information – you help us to be guided by His perfect love which casts out all fear, as you intentionally tend to our souls as well as to our bodies.

    • Yes – you are right! His power IS the ultimate energy force!!! And that is such a comfort to know that truth, even when so many things are beyond our control to change. Sometimes I wonder how much our being plugged into the Vine neutralizes all kinds of earthly toxicities! Guess we’ll find out for sure in heaven!

  4. David Smartycat Hance said:

    For anyone looking for some hard science on Radiation (including the non-ionizing from microwave towers, e-fields, and other things) contact W. Lee Cox at the Radiation Protection Section in NC DHHS. Website: http://www.ncradiation.net/

  5. David Smartycat Hance said:

    Been wanting to add this for a while but work got me slammed last week. The USEPA is opening “the coversation” with the public about various sustainabilty, environmental and other topics including green tips. Some of it may be controversial but it is an open public forum. See this below:


  6. Lisa, I got the Q tape and put it on my cell phone! Can I put it on my computer too? If so, how much and where? What about the microwave?

  7. P.S. the reason you don’t want to touch the Q-Tape much is because of the lead.

  8. I bought lead golfers tape & put it over th back of my phone
    & tablet. Cover that with duct tape or phone/tablet cover so u dont receive lead on ur hands.

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