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“Dear Doctor”: December 2005

Here’s a copy of a letter I prepared for a doctor in Texas with whom I was investigating possible care. (Yes, I was beginning to get to the point where traveling out of state was a possibility for me – if only someone could help). So you can have more insight into what I was going through and the extent of the issues, I’m posting this letter below.

Dear Dr. [XXXX],

After talking with [my friend] and reviewing your website, I wanted to email you regarding my current “mystery” health problems. I live in Raleigh, NC and have been going to an alternative doctor here who has helped me tremendously over the past 11 months I’ve been seeing her. But recently have had some serious “relapses” – and she nor anyone else (at this point) can pinpoint causes and solutions of my ongoing health problems. 

Ultimately, TOP CURRENT CONCERNS ARE: tendonitis (currently in about 6 joints minimum) & chronic back pain. Though I’m also wrestling with GI problems (inflammation, gas, bloating), & headaches.

After going to a variety of doctors (traditional, alternative, & specialists) over the last year and half, I have quite a few lab results (including that HLA-B27 tested positive in 9/2004), but little to no conclusive answers on my problematic symptoms, and was wondering if you could provide a recommendation about next steps for me – whether that might be to go to a different type of specialist, or phone consult with you, or visit a Mayo Clinic, or just keep praying (as I currently am)! And I was wondering if you could pray over my information (below) before you offer your suggestion.

Here’s a quick overview….

After extensive tests & doctors visits, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in Sept ’04 by a rheumatologist (I doubt her diagnosis). In Jan. ’05 I went to an alternative doctor who put me on the alkaline diet, supplements – resulting in my feeling about 70-80% better as of August or September 2005. 

However, I’ve recently had some BIG FLARE UPS (of old symptoms), coupled with my current symptoms and am wondering if there is anything further I can do to help find healing.

Here are ongoing symptoms:

(1.) CHRONIC BACK PAIN, MID-THORASIC, UPPER BACK & NECK (had from childhood – chiropractic, massage, and exercise help but never resolve; pain comes and goes in periods of flare ups); many have said they see inflammation; many have also indicated I have lots of trigger points; extended standing or sitting hurts; I’ve also been diagnosed with hypermobility and hypomobility in back & mid-thorasic subluxation; also I was found to have HLA-B27 as POSITIVE when tested in 9/2004.

(2.) TENDONITIS – within last 2.5 months have developed in both knees, elbows, wrists, and I think some in shoulders; physical therapy helped knees some, but still no full healing of joints

(3.) HEADACHES – that come & go; no clear origination point (headaches only started about 3-4 months ago).

(4.) GI TRACT problems – diagnosed in MARCH with candida, blastocystis hominis – many, c. dificile, low intestinal SigA (<60mg%), inflamed GI, streptoccocus in GI, enteroccocus, staphylococcus, rhodotorula, borderline elevated (75.9) alpha anti-chymotrypsin (stool), abnormally low chymotrypsin; have EXTREME problems with smelly gas, bloating, discomfort, etc.

(5.) Struggling IMMUNE SYSTEM – body often feels close to getting sick/a cold (I think b/c it’s so busy trying to fight my other issues inside)

(6.) LOSE CIRCULATION of blood in fingertips; tip of finger goes white

Other/Old symptoms (some I felt more frequently before I began feeling 70-80% better; some still have now, but not as big of a concern as the above symptoms):

  • Numbness in last few toes
  • Cold hands/feet
  • extreme fatigue
  • hypoglycemia
  • depression
  • poor concentration
  • poor memory
  • brain fog
  • feel clumsy (bump into things)
  • some acne
  • feeling badly (fatigue, etc.) outside in mountains in summer, or in a park outside in fall
  • fungus under nail
  • PMS problems – severe cramping
  • Feeling dehydrated (even if drink 100 oz of water daily)
  • Hearing dulls in ear (often during workouts)
  • Need 8-9 hours sleep per night before body wants to get up
  • seeing stars
  • fainting or feeling lightheaded
  • sharp rectal pain (usually when poop, occurs very infrequently)

Many agree my back is inflamed, and obviously I also have inflammation in joints & GI. What do you think is cause of my inflmammation and/or solution? My current alternative dr. seems nearly out of answers & wants me to take another allergy test (which already took and followed earlier this year) & has put me on gluten free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, and low sugar diet (which is already CLOSE to what I have been doing with the alkaline diet the past 11 months). I just started this new “allergy” diet yesterday.

My recent huge flare ups that I had, occurred right after I got trigger point from my physical therapist. She – and others – had done trigger point before with no serious ill effects, but this time old symptoms came back off & on for anywhere from 2-4 days after my last few visits with her. I don’t know if it was a spiritual attack or simply b/c of toxins released (which I doubt b/c I’ve been to others – even those who press hard with NOTHING LIKE these ill effects that occurred after her).

So, all that to say, I’d love to hear from you any thoughts you have on:

*Suggestions for next steps for me – who to see or talk to, if anyone

*Ideas about sources of inflammation and of ongoing symptoms

*Possible solutions for inflammation &/or ongoing symptoms

I’m wondering if candida could be the culprit, based on some research I’ve done…but then again, we’ve tried to treat that before with Nystatin, Diflucan, & Flagyl (& I’ve just started Nystatin again) so I don’t know if that’s diminished.

Thanks, in advance, for your prayer & consideration. I look forward to your reply.


Lisa Gautier

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