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Good Stress

“Good stress is still stress.” I can hear my biofeedback therapist saying again as the thought comes to mind after a week of working at 3 new jobs (in addition to the 3 I already have).

“Good” stress…

When I’m entering into new seasons and investing in new opportunities, it can be stressful – even when it includes much anticipated changes.

Good stress is still stress.

“When your stress increases, increase your rest,” she’d say, as I remember again the valuable lessons she taught me.

So amidst exciting changes and the awareness that my body is trying to keep up (e.g. an associated scratchy throat), I am reminded to rest. To give my body a break.

I also remember wise counsel I’ve learned along the way in my healing journey, the accumulation of which essentially taught me this – when you’re starting to feel like you might be getting sick (as I was at the end of the week):

  • eat raw vegetables (versus animal proteins and/or cooked foods which are harder to digest)
  • avoid sugar (fruit included)
  • drink lots of water
  • give your body a cleanse…fast even (I usually do a juice fast when I fast…it’s typically easier as raw juice can make you feel quite full – even if you’re not eating!)

Juice Fasting

When things are moving forward fast – even good things! – and I sense my body struggling amidst the changes, sometimes the last thing I need is to eat more (adding more energy drain on my body…digestion takes a HUGE amount of energy!!!) And I might even need a good cleanse, or a day or two of fasting.

Amidst pressure to go full speed ahead, and endless opportunities for constant stimulation, it can be a challenge to pull back. To rest. To cleanse. To just stop.

But in so doing, you just might avoid the onset of threatening sickness, and a “reset” that will allow you to enjoy the journey a bit more.

Even in the midst of “good stress.” 🙂

What do you find helps prevent sickness and burnout amidst times in your life when you’re experiencing “good stress”? I’d love to hear what you’ve found helpful!

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